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Industrial Services

When factories demand efficiency, Camtech Electric powers the way with strategic wiring solutions that combine electrical, computer, and communications wiring for safe, modern, and cost-effective use.

Whether its a new construction, a plant expansion, or renovation, the highly skilled team of electricians at Camtech Electric works closely from the ground-up with corporate management, the general contractor, architect, and local power supplier to create a working environment that is both effective and efficient for the needs of the company ownership, management, and the people who use the space.

We are committed to providing service and solutions beyond the expected in areas such as:

  • Electrical Construction
  • Data / Networks/ Phone
  • Equipment Installations
  • Fire Alarm and Security Systems
  • Preventative Maintenance testing
  • Lighting Design and Installation
  • P.C. Control Wiring
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Systems
  • Site Lighting